About Us

In most small and medium-size businesses and organizations, significant sections of website design and maintenance are the tasks of a senior manager (CEO or VP for business development). They compete with high priority, short-term tasks. As a result, the website is often inadequate, dysfunctional, and obsolete.

When you encounter a website that was obviously updated years ago, your first thought is that they must have gone out of business. When you are irritated by unnecessary pyrotechnics, clashing colors or unwieldy navigation you want to escape from the website as quickly as possible. When you trip over poor wording or multiple misspellings, you say to yourself, "What a shame! Can't they afford proofreading?" and you deduce by analogy how their Quality Assurance functions.

The result is a negative contribution to the company's reputation.

At Sigalon,we employ our business experience, technical know-how, and full attention to make the website function perfectly and remain up-to-date.

When customers first approach us, we quickly construct a prototype of the website on the basis of available material—business plans, executive summaries, sales brochures, PowerPoint presentations—minimizing the time and effort spent by the customer's senior management on website construction and maintenance.

When customers need updating we do it as first priority.

Contact :  Eliahu Stern