WordPress or Joomla

November 2019 - We created Sigalon as a family business in 2007. It was when I realized that although the technology barrier for creating a website is quite low, about half of the websites that I visited at the time (and the situation has not changed much) were not doing a good job for their owner. Either navigation was poor, or the text did not express clearly enough the messages of the company, or the website was not updated for years or all of those. I even found websites of known Israeli companies with misspelling in English and I felt shameful for them.

When , after a long career, we decided to become website builders, our first choices were the market and the technology. The market choice was easy. After having managed a technology incubator for a over a decade I was familiar with many incubators, start-ups, science based companies etc, I was also familiar with many technologies and with the needs of science based start-ups. Therefore it was the natural choice and even after 10 years in business science-based start-ups are our major market.

The technology choice was not that easy, but after leraning about the options and consulting with other website builder we choose Joomla as our technology platform and all our websites till 2016 were based on Joomla. We were happy with the platform, we knew it well and it gave us all we needed to build effective website. However, for reasons that I don't know even now, Joomla was loosing ground to WordPress and in a short time WordPress became the dominant open source platform.

In the last two years most of our websites were created in WordPress, although I still think that for our markets Joomla is better. Being a small family operation we cannot afford to educate the market (who can) so we followed the syaing "if you cant beat them join them"/

For our most recent website created for Nili Tal's Tel Aviv e-bike tours WordPress was definitely the better choice.   

AngioDynamics Acquires Eximo Medical

October 2019 - US based AngioDynamics a leading provider of innovative medical devices listed on NASDAQ acquired Eximo Medical from Rehovoth, which devlopes catheters for safe and precise interventional procedures based on its proprietary 355nm wavelength laser-technology platform for $46 million. Eximo is a client of Sigalon since February 2014.

Nili Tal

Nili TalOctober 2019 - Nili Tal is an Israeli documentary film producer and director. She has produced and directed over 30 films – all of them were commissioned by Israeli broadcasters. About her films: Ukraine Brides, Etched in my Body (about Goel Ratzon), Who killed Baby Rose and many others. We have constructed her first website in 2009 (Joomla) and her second in 2017 (WordPress).

Quite recently Nili has decided to combine her love for Tel Aviv, her passion for bike riding and a business opportunity and she offers 3 hour e-bike tours in the central and southern parts of Tel Aviv: the seashore promenade, the colorful HaCarmel market, old and new Jaffa, the Rotschild avenue with its Bauhaus buildings and many others.

Nili hopes that her intimate knowledge of Tel Aviv and her proven record of story telling will attract tourists for whom an e-biking tour is a good way to see the non stop city through the eyes of Nili

You can learn more about the tour from a website dedicated to it..

Reward for Persistance

HishSeptember 2019 - The first contact with Lorence of Hish was made in 2010, when Eliahu Stern, the CEO of Sigalon, called and suggested a new website. Since then a reminder was sent every six months until Eliahu was finally invited to meet with Lorence In January 2018 in Hish premises in Afula, on Laskov street, some 200 meters from the premises of Banias, a vetern client of Sigalon.

It took several months for the English version to be approoved and then another couple of months to get the Hebrew version approved, but finally the new Hish website was launched.

Hish is a family company founded by the present owners father and it is the larger Israeli producer of processing and conveying equipemnt, having among its clients the leading chemical and energy Israeli companies.

Emma Kvitnitsky

TarritechMay 2019 - Emma Kvitnitsky is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in all the relevant activities: product definition, R&D, market assessment, regulation, business development and production. Eliahu Stern of Sigalon has a long-time relationship with Emma, which started in 1995 when Emma initiated Tagra based on Emma's microencapsulation technology and Eliahu served as the CEO of the Misgav technology incubator, where Tagra was created,

Sinced then Emma and Eliahu have often cooperated and it is no wonder that Emma choose Sigalon for constructing the website of Tarritech, a company that is targeted on fresh produce protection.


Water Corporations

March 2019 - We have launched the new website of El-Ain, a water corporations, which is located in Kfar Yassif and serves the Arab population of the Western Galilee. The law obliges water corporations to maintain websites and before El-Ain we have constructed a website for Miahcom, a water corporation that serves the Arab population in the Lower Glailee and is located in Kfar Kanna.,

Miahcom's website was launched in 2010. The people of El-Ain had a non-functioning website and when they saw Miahcom's website they asked for a similar website for them. In 2015 the website of El-Ain was launched and in 2019 a new version replaced the old one.

In the websites of Miahcom and El-Ain Sigalon had to handle the challenging mixed Hebrew - Arabic texts. Both webskitge use the Joomla platform that we found more suitable for the multi-menu websites.

Second generation website of Rotec

RotecFebruary 2019 - One of Sigalon's major sources of deal flow are second generation websites. A good example is Rotec, which has recently replaced its old website by a new one. Following the market trend we replaced the old Joomla website by a WordPress, although we believe that Joomla is as good a platform as WordPress, if not better.

Sigalon constructed the old website in 2009 when Rotec was still within the ATI technology incubator, located in Ashkelon. Rotec, managed then and now by Dr. Noam Perlmuter, has adapted its technology of mineral scaling treatment to improve recovery rates of desalination processes. Rotec has grown from an R&D to a full-scale engineering company operating in many countries. Rotec is located in thne Shahak industrial park.

Sela History

Necklace 6December 2018 - Yoram Sela was a business executive involved in heathcare products. He had an idea to combine his collection of Jewish historical and art items, in particular from the 20th century with his daughter's passion for creating jewels. As a result a website was created that combines the two. Unexpectedky Yoram died and the website became also a memorial website, like several other websites designed by Sigalon, mostly for friends and neighbors.

Third IT Company

November 2018 - Rio Systems has joined Asine, Neragon and Metaphor Vision in Sigalon's IT portfolio. Neragon focuses on smart and compact wireless communication products, Metaphor Vision on advanced software modeling, Asine provides embedded flash solid state storage units and Rio Systems designs and develops innovative ASIC solutions. 

Metaphor Vision is Sigalon's second generation website, with the first version launched in 2017 and the second version in 2019..


CannablissOctober 2018 - Sigalon has joined the present trend: it has a medical cannabis company among its clients. Cannabliss is one of the first cannabis companies in the Israeli market and it specializes in non-smoke cannabis. Cannabliss closely cooperates with specialists and hospitals and it serves hundreds of licensed cabannabis consumers,


ArinetaSeptember 2018 - Arineta becomes Sigalon's largest and most advanced client medical device company. Arineta has developed the world first dedicated single-heartbeat, whole heart cardiac CT scanner. The Arineta scanner is distributed by GE Healthcare under the name CardioGraphe. Arineta is located in the Northern Industrial Park of Caesarea.

Metalix moves maintenance service to Sigalon

MetalixMay 2018 - Metalix becomes Sigalon's client after dissatisfaction with her previous supplier. Although a complex and very nice website had been constructed, the supplier "got tired" and had not completed some of the functions, in particular handling the multi-lingual needs of Metalix, which serves customers all over the globe. Sigalon demonstrated its ability to learn a complex and unfamilair website design, complete the website and maintain it to the client's satisfaction.

Metalix specializes in the development of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the sheet metal industry.

Nativ involved in major transportation projects

NativMarch 2018 - Nativ Engineering and Management from Raanana is involved in several major transportation projects in Israel, amoong which the rapid train between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, Road 531, Terminal 3 of the Ben-Gurion airport, the light suburbian train in Tel-Aviv, etc, Nativ specializes in planning and supervising large scale construction projects. Nativ became Sigalon's client in February 2017 and is our first client in the field of transportation.  

Contact :  Eliahu Stern    054-7363744