June 2016 Shimon Kashti is one of Sigalon's most committed clients. Shimon is a business executive who manages IQS Global, an international company that provides business development services to companies that want to expand their international business activities: find distributors and strategic partners, find subcontractors for niche expertise, open oversea offices and subsidiaries, etc. 

The cooperation between Shimon Kashti and Sigalon has its roots in IIB ,In 2007 Shimon convinced Eliahu Stern of Sigalon to join IIB. Since then we have constructed several websites for activities in which Shimon was involved, among which a kosher supermarket in London and two businesses in Romania.

The website of IQS Global is to be launched within two weeks, taking advantage of Sigalon's ability to respond to urgent needs of its clients.


Contact :  Eliahu Stern    054-7363744