RotecFebruary 2019 - One of Sigalon's major sources of deal flow are second generation websites. A good example is Rotec, which has recently replaced its old website by a new one. Following the market trend we replaced the old Joomla website by a WordPress, although we believe that Joomla is as good a platform as WordPress, if not better.

Sigalon constructed the old website in 2009 when Rotec was still within the ATI technology incubator, located in Ashkelon. Rotec, managed then and now by Dr. Noam Perlmuter, has adapted its technology of mineral scaling treatment to improve recovery rates of desalination processes. Rotec has grown from an R&D to a full-scale engineering company operating in many countries. Rotec is located in thne Shahak industrial park.

Contact :  Eliahu Stern    054-7363744