March 2019 - We have launched the new website of El-Ain, a water corporations, which is located in Kfar Yassif and serves the Arab population of the Western Galilee. The law obliges water corporations to maintain websites and before El-Ain we have constructed a website for Miahcom, a water corporation that serves the Arab population in the Lower Glailee and is located in Kfar Kanna.,

Miahcom's website was launched in 2010. The people of El-Ain had a non-functioning website and when they saw Miahcom's website they asked for a similar website for them. In 2015 the website of El-Ain was launched and in 2019 a new version replaced the old one.

In the websites of Miahcom and El-Ain Sigalon had to handle the challenging mixed Hebrew - Arabic texts. Both webskitge use the Joomla platform that we found more suitable for the multi-menu websites.

Contact :  Eliahu Stern    054-7363744