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November 2019 - We created Sigalon as a family business in 2007. It was when I realized that although the technology barrier for creating a website is quite low, about half of the websites that I visited at the time (and the situation has not changed much) were not doing a good job for their owner. Either navigation was poor, or the text did not express clearly enough the messages of the company, or the website was not updated for years or all of those. I even found websites of known Israeli companies with misspelling in English and I felt shameful for them.

When , after a long career, we decided to become website builders, our first choices were the market and the technology. The market choice was easy. After having managed a technology incubator for a over a decade I was familiar with many incubators, start-ups, science based companies etc, I was also familiar with many technologies and with the needs of science based start-ups. Therefore it was the natural choice and even after 10 years in business science-based start-ups are our major market.

The technology choice was not that easy, but after leraning about the options and consulting with other website builder we choose Joomla as our technology platform and all our websites till 2016 were based on Joomla. We were happy with the platform, we knew it well and it gave us all we needed to build effective website. However, for reasons that I don't know even now, Joomla was loosing ground to WordPress and in a short time WordPress became the dominant open source platform.

In the last two years most of our websites were created in WordPress, although I still think that for our markets Joomla is better. Being a small family operation we cannot afford to educate the market (who can) so we followed the syaing "if you cant beat them join them"/

For our most recent website created for Nili Tal's Tel Aviv e-bike tours WordPress was definitely the better choice.   

Contact :  Eliahu Stern    054-7363744