Virility joins Guide in Medical

November 2017 - Virility Medical is a medical device company and like Guide in Medical it operates within NGT technology incubator in Nazareth. Virility is developing treatment for premature ejaculation and has recently launched its website.

Sigalon launches the website of Puretec

June 2017 - Puretec is an family engineering company that designs, produces, installs and maintains water filtering systems. Puretec belongs to the Sharbiv family and is managed by Erad Sharbiv, whose father assists him in running the company. Puretec is the second company in water treatment for which Sigalon constructs a website, the first being Rotec, a company which produces high recovery desalination systems.

Galil Ofek in the air

May 2017 - Galil Ofek, the technology incubator that replaced Meytag ias the center of innovation n Katzrin launches its website. The website has been designed by Sigalon, as was previously the website of Meytag. Elisha Yelin. who manages Galil Ofek was the founder of Meytag and is the only first generation still in office. 

Eliahu Stern, the founder and CEO of Sigalon belomgs also to the first generation of technology incubator managers. He managed the Misgav incubator between 1991 and 2002. Since the incubated privatization process initiated by Carmel Vernia, then Chief Scientist, the incubator is part of the Trendlines Group.

Guide in Medical - new client of Sigalon

February 2017 - Another incubator project bacame Sigalon's client. Guide in Medical operates within NGT's incubator in Nazareth. The company has developed a novel non-invasive guided intubation device. that enables clear identification of the trachea, as well as fast, accurate and safe intubations. Medical device start-up companies represent the larger cluster of Sigalon's clients.

Shimon Kashti orders a website

June 2016 Shimon Kashti is one of Sigalon's most committed clients. Shimon is a business executive who manages IQS Global, an international company that provides business development services to companies that want to expand their international business activities: find distributors and strategic partners, find subcontractors for niche expertise, open oversea offices and subsidiaries, etc. 

The cooperation between Shimon Kashti and Sigalon has its roots in IIB ,In 2007 Shimon convinced Eliahu Stern of Sigalon to join IIB. Since then we have constructed several websites for activities in which Shimon was involved, among which a kosher supermarket in London and two businesses in Romania.

The website of IQS Global is to be launched within two weeks, taking advantage of Sigalon's ability to respond to urgent needs of its clients.


Contact :  Eliahu Stern    054-7363744